Value Engineering

Value engineering process uses a professionally applied, function oriented, systematic and interdisciplinary team approach to design, analysis and future improvement. This approach achieves effective results that reduce costs and avoid unnecessary costs altogether, while improving the performance and quality of products, processes and services. The end result is a well developed action plan to make us more competitive and help achieve any project. We recognize the importance of value engineering and readily incorporate it into the design or tender phase this establishes cost saving alternatives while maintaining a high caliber result. We review proposal and cost estimates for appropriateness, evaluate item costs and associate methodology and determine if the process or approach to a particular portion of work is both practical and cost effective.

Project Management

THE ONE ELECTROMECHANICAL INSTALLATION LLC is reputed for providing high quality work on time and within budget, this is possible due to our in-house capabilities and project management techniques that have developed over the period. Our planning department commences its involvement with projects early at the pre-qualification stage. It is proactive in developing solutions to assemble and compile a competent technical submittal, tailored to suite each individual project. We foster engineering knowledge by training employees and adding value at every step of the project.The project management team provides an entire range of services such as: initial project planning, task oversight, tracking, and reporting and change management. Weekly and monthly meetings are held at every site location, which results in proactive decisions being made at every step in order to manage unexpected challenges resulting in immediate action being taken on concerning issues.

Quality Services

Our success can be attributed to the high standards we set with regards to quality of work and performance. THE ONE ELECTROMECHANICAL INSTALLATION LLC has instilled values for its employees and created a culture where quality takes dominance over every other activity. As a result we are recognized as providing its clients with maintenance free projects and delivering high quality projects before the set deadlines. This has led to satisfied customers who choose us as their preferred partners in the electromechanical sector. THE ONE ELECTROMECHANICAL INSTALLATION LLC practices “Quality in Construction” methods to ensure that all work is done on time, correctly and free of defects the first time. The THE ONE ELECTROMECHANICAL INSTALLATION LLC project team has joint construction and design backgrounds, which include significant time in project inspections and quality control. The project management team meticulously prepares project specific plans and schedules detailed methods of statements, integration and sequencing of all activities from order to hand-over along with continuous progress monitoring, ensures an effective and productive management system.

Design and Engineering

THE ONE ELECTROMECHANICAL INSTALLATION LLC can provide high tech applications, conceptual pricing, value engineered projects and a total integrated MEP package keeping in mind the conceptual design, construction and installation functionality. Value engineered designs and specifications along with specified budgets are built into the process from the very beginning of our involvement eliminating the inefficient process of critiquing and modifying designs due to budget constraints at a later stage. We have the capacity to design and provide engineering solutions for all type of MEP works. Our team of experienced designers can provide services such as mechanical, electrical, fire fighting / protection and plumbing systems. Coordination with local authorities is an integral part of every project to minimize cost delays in submission. Construction documents are detailed to reflect the actual installations instead of being schematic in nature.

Risk Management

Our project control starts on day one of the initial project meetings and continues through commissioning. Costs are controlled through planning, tender, accounts and MIS departments through reporting procedures for budget compliance. Detailed monthly profit loss statements and labor rate analysis are generated to ensure that costs are within the budget, this leads to total financial control over the project. This also serves as an end benefit for the clients since our control on costs leads to competitive pricing of projects. Time scheduling is consistently monitored and updated to ensure compliance and seek ways to save additional project time. Likewise, the design is monitored to prevent construction delays to sequencing of operations or equipment / material availability under prevailing market conditions. Quality is monitored continuously by means of independent testing / inspection reports, as well as through regular inspection and reporting by QA / QC and coordination departments thus leading to a maintenance free project. Safety takes precedence on site as we maintain strict safety polices, monitored by highly trained personnel.


  • Design of MEP Services as per ADWEA/ Municipality / DEWA / Etisalat / Civil Defense Regulations
  • Supply, Erection and Testing of Plumbing, Drainage and Fire Protection services for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Applications.
  • Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of HVAC / BMS services for commercial, residential and industrial applications.
  • Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical, Fire Alarm and Low Current Works for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Applications.
  • Maintenance of HVAC systems as per the directives of International Standards for Preventive Maintenance, Productive maintenance, Breakdowns and Troubleshooting.

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